Tourist Captures Video Of “High” Dolphin, Likely Under The Influence Of Puffer Fish Toxins


Is puffer fish usage legal in the deep blue sea?

The dolphin in this video sure hopes that it is, because it was caught red-flippered (as opposed to red handed) by some boaters in Costa Rica. Someone needs to get this dolphin together with the dolphin was discovered with a “bottle opener flipper.”

Tourists were at first concerned for the health and well-being for this dolphin floating near the top of the water, but it quickly became clear that it was doing juuuuust fine.

As the vessel floated closer to the dolphin, the operator of the boat asked:

“Hello? What are you doing buddy? Are you okay?”

Obviously, the dolphin can’t respond in english, though I’m pretty sure it would have said something like this if it could’ve fired back to the operator’s question:

“I’m just floating, my man! Aren’t we all just kind of floating through life? What even is life, you know what I’m saying?”

Forgive me for not taking this matter super seriously, but I hope you read that in Matthew McConaughey’s voice. Or better yet, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo. Either of those would work.

And you know what wasn’t working? This dolphin carelessly floating in the ocean off the coast of Costa Rica. It likely “took a hit” from a pufferfish (by biting softly on it), which then had a narcotic effect on the mammal, putting it into a meditative state.

The caption for the video states:

“I have never seen this before! Bottlenose dolphins will often spyhop, that is sticking their face out of the water to see around them.

But this guy was in this position for several minutes with his eyes closed, and did not move until we were right next to him and I could have reached out and touched him.

He was either deep in meditation, or, as dolphins are known to do, he sucked on a puffer fish, which produces hallucinogenic effects. Either way, we encountered a very high Dolphin! Pass the Puffer!”

Is anyone jealous of that dolphin?

The only thing it was missing was a little music to help enhance the “deep trance” that it was in. If only the dolphin could have jammed out to one of these songs while it was “riding the waves,” so to speak.

“Might As Well Get Stoned” – Chris Stapleton

“Smoke A Little Smoke” – Eric Church

“Sitting In Limbo” – Willie Nelson

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock