Man Lays Down Vicious Ground And Pound On Coyote Attacking His Dog

dog coyote

When some people say they’d do anything for their dog they mean it…

It’s no secret that we love dogs around here.

Not only do we have a line of products that back the Got Your Six Support Dogs organization which provides training and service dogs to veterans and first responders, but we like to feature a new picture of a good boy every Monday on social media (so be sure to follow us, you won’t be disappointed).

But for as much as we think we’d go to war for our pups, I’m not quite sure we’d all do what this guy did one day when a coyote tried to sneak attack his dog to score a quick meal.

Unfortunately we don’t have many details on when or where this happened, but a security camera captured the entire scene and for a second I thought it was about to be one of those videos that’s heartbreaking to watch.

Two dogs were outside minding their own business when out of nowhere a coyote sprinted from across the street and made a beeline at the smaller of the two, tackling it to the ground and getting ready to unleash on the poor pup when its owner leapt into action.

With no hesitation at all, the guy grabbed the coyote, lifted it high into the air, and gave it an old fashion slam into the ground, but that wasn’t all…

He immediately hopped on top of the coyote and proceeded to unleash a ground and pound the likes of which we haven’t seen since prime Jon Jones, teaching the wild canine a hard lesson that his dogs are off limits.

The idea of pulling a coyote off your dog is easy to understand, but the idea of mounting it and raining down punches? That’s truly crazy behavior, but hey, it was attacking his best friend and that’s a big no-no from this dude.

Shoutout to the guy for protecting his dog. We’ve seen dogs do the same for their owners, so I’m glad us humans hold up our end of the bargain when push comes to shove.

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