Zach Bryan Buys Beer For The Entire Crowd During Surprise Austin, Texas Pop-Up Show

Zach Bryan

There is no better high than being in the same city as one of your favorite artists when they choose to do a pop-up show.

Last night, that lucky city was Austin, Texas, as Zach Bryan was gracing the stage of the historic Sagebrush.

Sagebrush is one of those legendary Austin, Texas venues that has a dive bar/honky tonk feel, and just from walking in, you can feel the history that the walls hold. The venue perfectly fits the description of the “Great American Bar Scene” that Zach often references on his social media and in his lyrics.

Zach Bryan is a man of the people, and he let fans know he was playing a 40-minute set at the venue.

“9 PM, I’m playing a 40-minute set at Sagebrush in Austin, Texas. First 100 people to show up; first come, first serve. I love you guys; thank you so much. Try to get a ride!”

While the show was for an intimate crowd, Bryan was not kidding about the “first serve” part of his tweet, because he bought beer for the crowd at the show.

If you have been following along on ZB’s dry January journey, it seems like he is playing devil’s advocate for those in the crowd also attempting to stay dry.

The show slowly filled up, quickly hitting the 100-person capacity he noted in his tweet. The intimate crowd heard 40 minutes of acoustic Zach Bryan as a fiddle player accompanied him.

Sounds like a dream Tuesday night if you ask me. Check it out.

And did you really go to a Zach Bryan show without “Revival” being played?

@whiskeyriff Zach Bryan’s pop-up show in Austin, Texas. // 🎥: @Sagebrushtexas (Instagram) #whiskeyriff #austintx #zachbryan #popupshow #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

While the show seemed incredible, it looks as though Zach Bryan might have had a weak moment on stage. If you have been following his social media, you know he is participating in dry January, but based on his tweets, it sounds like every day is a battle.

After tweeting his day nine update, another Tweet quickly followed up, noting that he is a weak man. Under that post, a fan posted a video of Bryan raising a toast with the crowd, and it looks like he is holding a beer can. Now, I’m not going to say it is one, because Liquid Death cans blend in from a distance, but I wonder if ZB caved on day 9.

It seems like you have to take at least a little swig of beer if you bought it for the crowd. He is just showing his gratitude for those who came out to support him, right?

Given that Bryan was still up and tweeting at 5 AM, I am dialed in to see if we get a dry January update later today.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock