Bears Fans Celebrate The Firing Of Awful Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy, Mixed Reactions On Coach Matt Eberflus Keeping His Job

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Staffing changes are happening in the Windy City.

The Chicago Bears are undergoing serious coaching restructuring. The franchise is looking to make some changes in hopes of having a better 2024-2025 season following an improved 2023 campaign.

While head coach Matt Eberlus will return for the Bears next season (although his coaching record since becoming head coach is 10-24), lower-level coaching changes are being made. The first step they have made towards building a solid team and coaching staff is letting go of Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy. Of course, the team doesn’t even have a defensive coordinator to fire…

However, Getsy, who was calling plays for the Bears this season, was just the tip of the iceberg for their staffing changes. The Bears also fired QB coach Andrew Janocko, WRs coach Tyke Tolbert, and RB coach Omar Young. These staffing changes will be critical for who comes in behind these coaches as the franchise prepares to select one of this year’s top quarterback prospects with their number one draft pick.

While having the number one overall pick is great for the team, they are also left to decide whether they should stick with Justin Fields or take it as an opportunity to snag USC QB Caleb Williams, who many regard as a generational talent. However, some fans hope that Fields stays with the Bears as they think he will be the key to the team’s success next season with proper coaching. Drafting top WR candidate Marvin Harrison Jr., along with bolstering the offensive and defensive lines seems like a better way to go if, and that’s a BIG if… Justin Fields is “the guy.” After 3 years though, we still don’t know if he is…

CBS Sports reported that former Bears quarterback Chase Daniels thinks Fields is “the answer” for the team.

“I think Justin Fields is the answer as the franchise quarterback of the Chicago Bears.”

But many other Bears fans wish to see the franchise move on from Fields (and wished they had moved on from Matt Eberlus).

While it will be interesting to see what the Bears end up doing, fans have taken to social media to discuss the staffing changes more than anything. It appears that everyone is unanimously overjoyed that Getsy is gone.

Check out some of the commentary.

While fans are still skeptical that this was the right move for the team, at this point, only time will tell how next season will shake out, depending on the new coaching staff brought in along with what they choose to do during the draft.

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