Wheeler Walker Jr. Hilariously Fires Off What He’d Change About Himself: “I’d Make My D**k A Little Smaller”

Wheeler Walker Jr. country music
Something's Burning

Wheeler Walker Jr., comedian, country music artist, and borderline genius with his branding?

There are times when I’d compare Wheeler Walker Jr.’s quick wit to top-notch comedians like Theo Von because the way he can quickly deliver outrageous lines with a straight face is beyond impressive. Granted, that is what his lyrical content is as well, so no wonder he’s good at being straight-faced because I know I wouldn’t be able to sing his lyrics on stage without a cracking grin.

A past gem brought back to light thanks to Bert Kreischer is a moment from the first season of his podcast Something’s Burning. The episode highlights Kreischer and his wife hanging out with Walker Jr. making some Nashville Hot Chicken while shooting sh*t with each other…appropriately, the episode is named “Hot Sauce & Hanky Panky.”

One of the best parts of the episode is when Kreischer hits Walker Jr. with some rapid-fire questions, and his response is off-the-cuff gold.

“If there is one thing you’d like to change about yourself, what would it be? Wheeler go.” 

Wheeler doesn’t even take a second to speak before responding with:

“I think I’d make my d**k a little smaller.” 

Kreischer’s wife, LeeAnn, bursts into laughter, seemingly not expecting an answer like that. However, this is Wheeler Walker Jr. You have a guest; what else would you expect? While shocked, she plays into his response beautifully, batting back at him.

“Does it give you back problems? Too heavy?”

Again, Walker Jr. responds without batting an eye.

“It’s starting to hurt people.” 

Kreischer is not giggling along with his wife. While the response is wildly unhinged for most viewers, for Wheeler Walker Jr., this was a relatively tame answer. And if you are shocked reading this, I would not recommend you to listen to his songs… you’d probably be listening with your jaw dropped.

Adding this clip to the list of reasons we love that Wheeler Walker Jr. has no filter.

@wheelerwalkerjr My old pal @bertkreischer ♬ original sound – Wheeler Walker Jr.

Check out the full podcast episode re-released from Bret Kreischer’s vault.

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