Ranked: Where To Find The Cheapest Busch Light In Nashville

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Robert's Western World

Now, this is a cause to care about.

If you have stepped foot on Broadway in the last five years, you know that the drink prices on the few blocks of bars located in Nashville, Tennessee, have become outright crazy at times. From nearly $20 doubles to double-digit beers, bar hoppers must be ready to open their wallets to have a good time in Nashville.

But, if you have been to Nashville a time or two, then you know not all Broadway bars or Midtown bars are created equal. The historic walls tend not to feed into the tourist bullsh*t that the city has become, while other bars (cough cough, often carrying a famous person’s name on it) tend to bump up their prices.

Have not fear, though, if you are reading this so far wondering how much of a bar tab you are going to rack up on your next trip to Music City because a trusty TikToker has done us the civic duty of going to a slew of bars across downtown and telling us how much a Busch Light costs. If you don’t like Busch, sorry, but you’re sh*t out of luck on this blog because we are BIG Busch fans here at Whiskey Riff.

So, without further ado…here is the list of the most expensive to least expensive Busch Light and where you can find them in Nashville.

Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk- $9
Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge- $9
Dierks Bentley Whiskey Roadhouse- $9
Redneck Riviera- $9
Rippy’s On Broadway- $9
Whiskey River Saloon- $8
Loser’s Bar- $7.50
The Stage On Broadway- $7
Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk – $7
AJ’s Good Time Bar- $7
Nudies Honky Tonk- $7
Legends Corner- $6 (AND it’s a 16 oz can)
Whiskey Bent Saloon- $6 (Also a 16 oz can)
The Second Fiddle- $6
Layla’s Nashville Hillbilly Music- $5

And there is a reason we LOVE Robert’s Western World beyond their music and authentic honky tonk feel, but also because they sell the cheapest beer by a long shot. No wonder this is the watering hole that many musicians hit after their shows and often pop on stage to sing a song or two…and I think you know where I’m going here; it’s not because of the house band (while I am sure they are lovely, too).

Robert’s Western World- $2.50

So, if you’re stopping in Music City, you know where to pregame before marking off other bars on your list. Also, Robert’s has the famed Recession Special, where you can get a fried bologna sandwich, chips, a moon pie, and a PBR all for $6…and that, folks, is the best deal you’ll find on Broadway and five blocks from it.

@seankmanleyDrinking Busch Lights in Downtown Nashville.♬ Here For A Good Time – George Strait

And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see some of your favorite musicians while you’re at Roberts. Check out Sturgill Simpson’s stop-in from a few months back.

Lastly, if you’re a Busch Light fan like ourselves, stock up on some of the best Busch merch from the Whiskey Riff Shop.

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