Young Cheetah Pays The Price For Getting Too Close To A Crocodile

Leopard gets caught by crocodile
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Alligators are scary, but boy do they have nothing on crocodiles.

Having lived in Florida for a few years, I can tell you that for the most part, alligators are not a problem.

Sure, you don’t want to go thrashing around in a gator infested body of water, but so long as you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you.

Crocodiles on the other hand are a very different story…

Not only are they bigger and stronger than alligators, but they’re extremely territorial and will actively hunt down their prey with extreme stealth and strength.

Case in point, this video from a safari in South Africa that shows every single thing that’s terrifying about crocodiles.

It starts by showing a young cheetah cub trying to drink some water. It was one of two cubs nearby with their mother, and while cheetahs tend to be very protective of their young, this mother decided it was okay for one her her babies to go visit the watering hole alone.

That decision turned out to be deadly and it looked to be a case of inexperience gone wrong.

As the cub approaches the water, it can be seen growling at something under the surface, perhaps trying to scare it off, but not realizing that it needs to back up now to stay alive. The young cat bends down and begins lapping up some water when the creature that was lurking in the muddy pond shows itself in a vicious way.

A large crocodile burst through the surface and immediately snapped its long jaws around the cheetah’s neck, lifting it into the air before dragging the poor struggling feline under the surface.

In a matter of moments, everything was still once again and someone get approaching would never know that just happened.

It’s a tough scene to watch and even the safari guide filming was a bit shaken up by it.

You can hear him nervously say:

“That’s so close to the crocodile. Ohhh. OH! Oh…”

The end of the video shows the mother looking out at the water in hopes her baby would rise to the surface, but that never happened.

While we can chalk it up as the ever spinning circle of life, there’s no doubt it hard to see, but that crocodile has to eat as well.

I’ll be thanking my lucky stars I’m a human in the year 2023 for the rest of the night…

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