“Daggum!” – Georgia Peanut Farmer Shocked To Find 10-Foot Alligator In His Field

Gator in peanut field
Steve Stevenson

“That’s a big ol’ son of a gun. Daggum.”

Of all the things you may expect to find on your farmland, an alligator certainly isn’t top of the list. Down south, alligators seem to be ever present when you’re by water, but if you’re far from a lake or river, the chances you’ll run into one are pretty slim, but as this video proves, never zero.

Taken in Terrell County, Georgia (judging from other posts on the account), two farmers in a large peanut field stumbled upon a giant alligator who seemed very out of place in the upturned soil and under a giant center pivot irrigation system.

It’s not the first alligator found in a weird place in Georgia, either. Remember this hunter who watched a monster gator crawl through the woods and plop down on a corn feed pile?

I don’t know if gators in the Peach State are more mobile than others or simply like taking vacations away from the water, but the sheer surprise in this guy’s voice proves that this was the first he’d seen it as well.

“That is the craziest… Here we are at this peanut field. Won’t you look at this. Laying in the cool water is about a freaking 10 foot alligator.”

I don’t know exactly what you do in this situation. You can’t exactly run it off and hunting season closed in the state on October 2nd. I’m sure there may be some exception if one is getting in the way of making a living and you can always call in a trapper to remove it, but my goodness that’s quite a pickle that I doubt they ever thought they’d find themselves in.

“To make a crop, farmers fight weeds, stink bugs, deer, wild hogs, drought, floods, hail, hurricanes….the list goes on and on! Now Alligators?”

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