Texas Dad Trying To Fight Washington Players After The Sugar Bowl Is An Early Favorite For “Doofus Of The Year”

Texas fan Sugar Bowl

Last night, the college football world almost witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in College Football Playoff history in the Sugar Bowl.

Late in the fourth quarter, Texas found themselves down by nine points to Washington. The Longhorns put together a good drive that ended with a 25 yard field goal to cut the Huskies’ lead to six with only a little over a minute left in the game. Texas failed to convert an onside kick, and it looked all but over…

Until Texas stopped Washington on three straight plays, and was able to muster up enough time to try and march down the field and win the game. The Longhorns put together some clutch plays to get to the red zone with seconds left in the game, but ultimately failed to find the end zone, losing to the Huskies 37-31.

Although Washington controlled much of the second half, the last few minutes of the game were absolutely electric, and the Huskies are now playing for a National Championship for the first time since 1991.

So, you can imagine how stoked Washington players were once the game clock hit all zeroes, and you already know what happened after that. Several Washington players ran towards some Texas fans in the crowd, throwing the iconic “horns down” symbol.

With that being said, one Washington player yelled at the Texas fans, saying:

“We run the South!”

As you can imagine, this didn’t bode too well for the Texas fans, who were coping with the fact that their school is indeed not back. In fact, one of the “adult” fans was so worked up, he was threatening to fight the Washington players who were trolling him. Seriously, it was taking everything in this middle-aged guy’s power to not jump onto the field and start swinging on a bunch of 20-year-olds.

Not to mention he’s cussing out a bunch of college football players in front of his own young kids. A real role model right there… way to go, dad. You just gotta love when a parent instills good values in their kids…. values like, you know… threatening physical violence when you lose a game. Values like, you know… fighting someone over a bunch of kids playing with a ball.

Not a good look for the ol’ Texas faithful here, but I’d be hurt too if it had been over a decade ago since my favorite college team was relevant.

Check it out:

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