Colts Isaiah McKenzie Says He’s Not Suspended For “Killing A Bald Eagle,” So Cross That Off The List Of Reasons

Isaiah McKenzie
Eakin Howard/Getty Images

When you try to clarify something and it just raises more questions, that’s a pretty good indicator that you are in quite the interesting situation.

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie was suspended for the rest of the season shortly before Christmas, and no one really knows why. Some online were speculating that the football player had been temporarily removed from the team because he killed a bald eagle on a hunting trip.

All the Colts said was that McKenzie was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team,” so naturally that left some room for speculation by fans. NFL teams don’t have to give specifics when they issue suspensions, but when the Colts didn’t come out and discredit the bald eagle rumor, it started to take off (no bird pun intended).

So, going by the “New Year, New Me” guidelines, the suspended Colts player took matters into his own hands and went on social media to clear the air (?) about his suspension:

“It’s 2024, so let start fresh. First things first, I did not kill a bald eagle. That story is false.”

Okay, so McKenzie let everyone know that he wasn’t suspended for killing a bald eagle, but he still didn’t clear up the situation all that much. If he was going to come out and say that, he might as well have been transparent about why he was temporarily away from the team.

In classic social media fashion, the memesters (those who create, send out, and share memes) were responding to Isiah McKenzie’s post with some skepticism:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock