“This Blows My Mind” – Frank Thomas Says He’s Alive & Well, Calls Out FOX News For “Irresponsible” In Memoriam

Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas

Imagine waking up, turning on your television, and flipping over to FOX News to find out that you are actually dead.

That kind of thing doesn’t happen a lot, but it did happen to Hall of Fame baseball player Frank Thomas this morning. If the name sounds familiar, but you don’t remember him as a slugger, that’s probably because you’ve seen him on a commercial trying to sell you testosterone boosting supplements (that she’ll love too).

Here’s a video that recaps what happened on FOX News this morning, and the apology that they issued shortly after they realized their mistake:

It was really just an honest (and egregious) mistake by FOX, since they accidentally got two baseball playing Frank Thomas’s mixed up. One of them, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, unfortunately did pass away this year. The other, as he himself pointed out on social media, is still very much alive:

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’m very sorry my ex-employer Fox would be this irresponsible on National TV this morning. Yes I’m alive and doing well. This blows my mind also.”

I like that “The Big Hurt” provided a picture as proof of life to officially confirm that he was alive, despite what FOX News reported earlier on in the day. I, and everyone else on social media, would have been skeptical if it was just a written post from his account that was posted.

Instead of flooding social media with skepticism though, X users (formerly Twitter users) sent out a bunch of memes and jokes about the whole thing, and they were hilarious to say the least:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock