Hunter Watches A Mountain Lion Patiently Wait To Pounce On An Elk

Mountain lion stalks elk

Go to the store and buy a lottery ticket, sir. Witnessing something like this is truly once-in-a-lifetime.

Seeing an apex predator like a cougar do anything is amazing. Seeing one on the hunt using advanced tactics with the element of surprise involved is just one of those things you can’t make up. Well, you could make it up and many people wouldn’t believe the story without a video like this.

Mountain lions are just a cool animal. Also known as cougars, they are incredibly elusive and often times only seen if they want you to see them. My guess would be this one knew the man was there but went into the open just for a meal.

They can weigh up to 175-pounds and are some of the meanest hunters out there. They hit with surprise and they do it hard and fast. That is all shown here as a hunter sits high up in a tree with a perfect angle to capture the surprise attack. He watches a cougar come out and patiently begin to wait behind a bush, crouching down low as not to alert the elk to its presence.

Then comes along the cow elk. Just as she gets close enough to the clearing, the cougar pounces from behind the brush. You don’t see what happens as they both run into the tree line, but if I was a betting man, I’d put money on the cat coming out with a meal.

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