Josh Meloy Announces 2024 Tour Dates

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Josh Meloy

The best way to close out a year is by mapping out what shows you are hoping to catch for the next.

While quite a few artists are getting their tour routes completed, a handful of others are releasing where they plan to stop in 2024, and Oklahoma boy Josh Meloy just released a slew of tour dates for 2024.

With 21 dates already announced, and I am sure more to come from Meloy, he is kicking off his tour in February up in Flint, Michigan, and will be all over the place from Texas to Georgia through April. But, as Meloy is a seasoned road warrior, I am sure more dates will be sprinkled in as the tour begins.

“The 2024 Tour is on sale now! Which show y’all comin’ to?”

While the “Porch Light” singer has captured the hearts of fans with his raspy voice and poetic songwriting, as he announced earlier this summer that he was done writing his album, fans are curious about when new music will be released and whether he is sure to share an update on that as well.

“Hey guys, a couple of things. Tickets to our 2024 tour are on sale now; we are going to be everywhere. It’s going to be awesome. You guys get your tickets. 

A few more things, I know everybody is waiting on this new album, and it’s almost done. I can’t wait to hear it…or I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I guess I have heard it for myself. I know you guys are going to love it.” 

He also noted that new merch was on the way, as he sported a new wild west design in the video highlighting all of these announcements.

2024 looks like it could be a record year for Meloy, and man, am I ready to hear what this album has in store.

@joshmeloymusic The 2024 Tour is on sale NOW‼️ Who’s comin? #countrymusic #joshmeloymusic #ontour #fyp #foryourpage #happynewyear ♬ original sound – Josh Meloy

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