Group Of Dudes Watch An Alaskan Grizzly Chases Down A Deer: “If That’s How You Go, That Would Suck”

Bear mauls deer

Grizzlies are beasts.

They are some of the most notorious predators out there and there’s a good reason for it. Grizzly bears, also known as brown bears on the Alaskan coast, are powerful predators known for their hunting skills and impressive size. Male grizzly bears can grow up to 8 feet in length and weigh over 700 pounds. They hunt a variety of prey, including deer, fish, and small mammals.

Capable of hunting deer by using their speed, strength and agility to chase down and overpower their prey, they are known to ambush deer from behind, taking them by surprise and overpowering them with their powerful jaws and claws.

Seeing these powerful animals in action is nothing short of amazing.

These fellas had the pleasure of watching one at work from a very safe distance. The men standing far away over looking some water watched a grizzly come charging out of the woods after a deer on the run. The deer plans its escape and heads for the water, but the bear is too fast and catches up in a matter of seconds. The bear simply ragdolls the deer and begins to drag its meal back to shore.

That was quick and violent, and these dudes got to see it first hand:

“No way…. dude, he’s getting mauled to death. If that’s how you go, that would suck.”

Yeah dude, sure would…

Nature is amazing.

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