Post Malone Says He Reached Out To Colter Wall About Writing Together: “His Voice Is Just Insane”

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The duo we NEED.

Post Malone is easily one of music’s biggest stars, and the man knows his damn country music, which is pretty cool.

He grew up in Texas for many years of his childhood, and has always shown a deep appreciation for the genre, and has even said he wants to make a country album one day, which I really hope he does. He actually has a really great singing voice and I think could really pull it off.

And Posty was the guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday, which is a very dense almost five-hour episode, and they get into a pretty lengthy conversation about country music and some of their favorite artists, with Post saying:

“It’s Sturgill, Tyler and Colter right now for me.”

Enough said, really.

Post, who seems like such a down to earth, sweet person, went on to say that he’s actually reached out to Colter Wall before about working on a song together, which is the collaboration that we absolutely have to experience one day.

The only problem is, Post has experienced the same issue Joe has, in that Colter doesn’t love to leave his ranch and has a lot going on up in Canada, so it’s hard for him to get away very much (though he his going on a small tour for his Little Songs album here soon):

“I hit up Colter, I was like, ‘Hey, man, you wanna come jam out sometime? Let’s make a song.’

And he was like, ‘You can come make a song on the ranch.’ And I was like okay, cool, amazing. I’m gonna make it up one of these days.”

I know Post is a very busy man and obviously has a lot going on, but if they could both ever find the time to do this, I’m sure would create magic together.

Also, how cool is it that someone as wildly famous and successful as Post Malone is reaching out to Colter about working together? A testament to his talent for sure.

Anywho, he also went on to rave about Colter’s Original 16 Brewery Sessions from a few years ago and how much they loved his performance of “Sleepin’ on the Blacktop” and “Kate McCannon,” with Posty adding some very funny and colorful commentary about Colter’s incredibly unique and haunting voice:

“He came out of the womb smokin’ a f*ckin’ cigarette, and it was f*ckin’ the coolest shit.

I remember listening and I was like, cuz he’s like a couple months, if not a year younger than me, and just how rich his voice is. It’s insane. It’s insane.

And watching the brewery shows that they do whenever he was there and ‘Sleepin’ on the Blacktop’ or whatever he he looks so young, and I’m like, where is that voice coming from? It’s so f*ckin’ good.”

And of “Kate McCannon” in particular, he added:

“Listening to that, I’ve never wanted to swing a pick axe so hard in my life and I play a lot of Minecraft.”

How can you not love him?

And when Rogan suggests he cover it, Post Malone gives the sweetest, most humble answer, saying:

“No, I couldn’t. There’s no way I could. His voice is just like, it’s insane. Perfect amount of reverb. It’s perfectly recorded, it’s perfectly played. And he’s such a good guitar player too.”

He added how much he loves the traditional country sound and how Tyler and Colter keep that alive in their music today:

“The whole Johnny Cash… he always sang murder ballads, you know what I mean? It’s like, I shot a f*ckin’ dude in Reno, I shot the guy that my wife loves, all this sh*t.

It’s the old school production, it’s the old school voice. And I find a lot of the time in country now, it’s very overproduced.

And so what I love about Colter and Tyler and everything is it’s just more traditional in that way.”

Like I said, Posty knows his country and has impeccable taste.

I think, and hope, we might get a Post Malone and Colter Wall duet or something of that nature one day. They both have such recognizable and unique voices, and would be such an out of the box, interesting pair.

And while we’re on the subject, why not revisit his immaculate covers of Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” and Sturgill’s “You Can Have The Crown” from a couple years ago.

They’re just perfect

And I’ll just leave this here, too…

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A beer bottle on a dock