Groundhog Puts House Cat In Its Place, Mocks It Through Glass Door

cat groundhog
Viral Hog

The arrogant house cat seems to have met its match.

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing a cat start to do something, telling it to stop, and then having it stare through your soul while doing it anyway?

I don’t have a cat myself, but from hearing stories from friends and family members, it seems this is a routine occurrence and really doesn’t do anything to help them shake their arrogant reputation.

And it appears that wildlife has taken note of these high and mighty domestic creatures and is sick of them as well.

In fairness, cats are a pretty formidable predator. While not as large as their wild cousins the panther and bobcat, they can grow to a pretty decent size which makes a lot of people think they have spotted an apex feline which turns out just to be a tom cat (which happened last month in Oregon) and we’ve seen our fair share of creatures meet their maker at the hands of these guys, like this owlwhile at other times these furry fellas have fought off coyotes and taken a swipe at alligators.

Obviously, this can lead to a pretty serious back fire, but there’s something to be said about the gall of a cat thinking it’s top dog around most animals.

Well, there’s another video making the rounds which shows a house cat trying to assert its dominance, but this time it appears to have met its match.

A guy was at his house one day when he spotted a groundhog peering through his glass door. Naturally, he grabbed his phone and began recording in hopes his cat would spot the creature, which it did, and the fun began.

The cat immediately gets into an attacking position and tries to intimidate the woodchuck, who would certainly be at a disadvantage if push came to shove, but he was protected by the door so had quite a bit of bravery running through his veins.

The cat starts pawing at the groundhog, either trying to scare him or get him, but the groundhog responds by pawing right back at him in defiance, throwing the cat for a loop as he’s probably never experienced the shame of being mocked before.

Shoutout to this groundhog. I’m a dog guy myself and it’s always great to see one of these cats get put in it’s place, especially by an animal that has no business doing so.

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