House Cat Fights Off Three Hungry Coyotes In California Backyard

Cat vs coyotes

That’s one badass kitty.

For a domesticated house cat to take on three predators, and come out on the other side, is not a common thing.

Your average coyote is around 30 pounds, you average house cat? About 10…

Coyotes are predators and scavengers who will hunt just anything they can find, and scavenge just about anything they can eat.

As urban sprawl continues, coyotes seem to adapt to urban areas very well. With a good supply of trash to dig through, and small rodents to hunt, they have no trouble going after people’s pets, either.

Unfortunately, your small dog or cat is an easy meal most of the time, and most pets aren’t used to fighting for survival and can be taken down fairly easy.

Many predators have their way with cats and dogs in neighborhoods.

But, not this cat.

This house cat is seen on a security camera up against a wall with three coyotes approaching in on the attack. Coyotes typically don’t hunt in pack like wolves do, but they do roam in family groups at times, especially when the young pups haven’t matured enough to go off on their own yet.

The coyotes move in and the cat doesn’t let them surround him. The cat keeps them off one by one but they move in as the excitement grows.

The owner of the cat realized something was going on and scared the coyotes off before it was to late.

The cat played some mighty fine defense on this one though… keeping three coyotes away like that is impressive.

Didn’t even have to waste one of his nine lives.

Coyote Goes Head-To-Head With A Pit Bull

That takes some balls…

A pit bull is one of the most fierce dogs out there.

They have a reputation of being a mean and harmful dog, but that is generally not the case at all. In reality they are one of the most friendly and human loving dogs out there. They are more loyal than anything else, and attacks are usually a result of intentionally violent training.

A pitbull can truly be a man’s best friend, a great protector of their home.

They do have the a very strong bite force coming in at 235 PSI, and generally clock in somewhere around 50 pounds.

Coyotes on the other hand are essentially just wild dogs as well. Hunters and scavengers, coyotes will eat and try to eat just about anything that is meat… whether they kill it or not. Whether it’s a another wild animal or not.

As urban sprawl continues to grow, coyotes are adapting very well to human environments. The truth is, they have no issue seeing your pets as their dinner. And they more they hang around, they realize it is fairly easy to catch compared to others in the wild.

This coyote must have been accustomed to easy meals at the expense of people’s furry friends. But, this one might have a bit more bark and bite than the coyote is used to.

A coyote is seen hoping a fence into a public park in Chula Vista, California, it heads straight for a pitbull on the other side.

The pair size each other up sniffing one and other. At first, it’s a fairly normal dog encounter, but the coyote can’t help but think about dinner and decides to get aggressive with the pitbull.

That’s a bold move by the coyote, who probably only comes in at about 30 pounds.

The coyote is seen trying to bite the rear end of the dog. Each time the pitbull chases it off.

The coyote quickly realized this was not the best situation for him to get a meal and headed out probably to grab somebody’s cat on the way out of town.

That’s one wild interaction, these coyotes can get ballsy when they’re desperate for food.

Georgia Sheepdog Kills Entire Pack Of Coyotes

Beast mode.

A Georgia Sheepdog named Casper proved that he might be the baddest canine in the country after he was attacked by an entire pack of coyotes… and won.

The 8-on-1 fight lasted for over a half hour and Casper emerged victorious, and the coyotes? He killed all 8 of them…

Farm owner John Wierwiller’s said this group of coyotes were particularly unafraid of him, and while he didn’t feel threatened himself, Casper appeared to be the pack’s target.

“He came out the fence here and killed more and they had a fight all up and down this creek… it wasn’t a short thing, it was like a half hour.”

When the dust settled, Casper was nowhere to be seen, but there was evidence that he took a beating. John feared the worst:

“If he wasn’t killed we knew he was hurt because we found parts of his tail and blood, so we were worried about him.”

Finally, after two days in the wild, Casper came home… battered and bruised, with a number of deep wounds, but alive:

“He was kinda looking at me like, ‘Boss, stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me.’

Casper’s injuries were substantial, but as the old saying goes, “you should see the other guy.”

“It looked like a coyote grabbed his skin and peeled it right off.”

LifeLine Animal Project stepped in to help, launching a GoFundMe campaign to cover Casper’s $15,000 hospital bill. The campaign quickly exceeded their goal, raising enough funds to fully cover Casper and save future animals as well.

What a badass… I mean, and 8-on-1 street fight? Even the best brawlers on the planet don’t like those odds.

And coyotes typically don’t hunt in packs like wolves, however they are known to be very social animals that run in smaller family groups.

However, when food gets scare coyotes can team up, and sometimes will even cooperatively hunt with other species to secure a meal. Most likely, this was a large litter of pups that hadn’t left mom and dad quite yet, giving them strength in numbers, as well as the confidence to mount a large attack.

Nevertheless, they f*cked around with Casper… and they found out.

Leaping Coyote Grabs Raccoon From Top Of Fence

Score one for the lonesome coyote.

As a nature lover like myself, you probably wonder how many insane feats of athleticism have been done by animals in the wild that we’ll never see, but if we did our minds would be blown.

Mountain lions jumping out of trees onto the back of an unexpecting deer. Alligators leaping like dolphins out of the water to grab a low flying bird. A bear meeting his end at the hands of an over aggressive white tail buck.

While this video doesn’t show anything quite as spectacular as those, it does give a good example of what wild animals are capable of when food seems just out of reach.

A trail cam caught the end of a tussle between a coyote and a raccoon, with the raccoon thinking he had outsmarted the coyote by climbing to the top of a fence, which looks to be of pretty decent height.

Smart thinking?

But alas, the coyote decides to show up the hops and after a few attempts, is able to grab the raccoon off the fence and it’s goodnight for our striped friend.

There is also a second video posted by the same guy where a raccoon is able to fend off the coyote in the exact same spot, but this does raise the question.

The raccoons are on top of a fence. A fence is designed to keep things out… why not just drop over to the other side and laugh when the coyote is a foot away but unable to get you?

Well, because the coyote can probably jump it, that’s why.

In order to keep a coyote out, fences are recommended to be a whopping 8 feet tall and at least 18 inches into the ground. So even though a coyote can only jump about 3-4 feet, they can climb and they can dig… sitting on top seemed like it might’ve been the safest spot for the raccoon.

And he still lost…

Coyote wins:

Raccoon wins:

Raccoon Sends Ohio Woman Running For Her Life

This video should be hung up in the Louvre.

It’s a work of art, and we’re just fortunate someone happened to be driving by to catch it all.

Raccoons can be cute little things, scary, sneaky, and human-like as they walk up to your back sliding door on their hind legs knocking for someone to let them in.

Like this….

Back to this lady getting a face full of pavement.

So much going on here to discuss:

Is she drunk or on drugs, or perhaps both?

What is she arguing with the raccoon about?

What did she say that finally made the raccoon say “I’ve had enough of this s**t.”

She didn’t get very far as you’ll see, but the best part might be her Burnett’s Vodka drinking partner flex on the raccoon like he just stopped a running back during a goal line stand.

God bless Ohio – roll the tape.

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