House Cat With A Death Wish Smacks Alligator Right On The Nose

House cat swats alligator

They say curiosity killed the cat, but what about about a cat that is overconfident?

Call it brave, or call it stupid, call it whatever you really want to. This cat doesn’t give a damn what you think, and also doesn’t give a damn that the alligator its facing could easily take it out.

There’s something about the attitude of a cat that actually doesn’t make this video all that surprising. It appears there’s some sort of meat laying on the edge of the water that the gator is trying to get, but not if the cat has anything to say about it.

For some reason, the cat is “defending the high ground” as the alligator tries to crawl out and sneak bites of the mystery meat. However, the feline thinks that it is the rightful owner of the meal, and smacks the everliving daylight out of the gator’s snout.

Each time it does, the gator backs up back into the water for a moment, then builds up enough courage to go back up and go after the meat. I know what you are thinking, or asking: is a house cat really keeping a gator in check?

Yes, yes it is.

At the end of the video, it looks like the “fists of fury” (or I guess you could say the “paws of punishment”) actually caused the gator to cowardly return to the water.

Shoutout to the cat for standing up against one of the fiercest predators on the planet, especially with it that close to the alligator’s “home field advantage.”

Take a look:

X users were blown away by the cat’s aggressiveness towards the gator and sent out their replies beneath the unbelievable video:

That last reply actually makes a lot of sense…

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