Skiers Witness Moose Hauling A** Through Over 3 Feet Of Snow

Moose running through snow

This goes to show how powerful these antlered beasts can be. We’ve all tried to run through the snow or the sand before and it’s quite possibly the hardest thing a human could ever do.

These skiers just happened to be in the right place at the right time (if things would have gone bad, you could say the opposite) and got to witness a moose masterclass in snow running.

The minute and a half long video starts with the skiers spotting the moose off in the distance. They try to stay still and calm, until the 1,000 pound moose begins charging right at them. The group then decides to attempt to move out of the way, or at least out of the beaten path of the deep, dense snow.

As they do, the moose stops right in its tracks (that was my attempt to make a joke about Moose Tracks ice cream) and looks around at the surrounding area. The skiers talk amongst themselves nervously as they watch and admire the massive moose that is within 150 feet of them.

Once the moose reaches the beaten path in the snow, it begins to pick up speed and run towards the group.

The group begins to panic just a bit as they wade through the waist deep snow. The moose gets incredibly close to the group before breaking off into the untouched, 3 foot snow and showcasing its massive power and speed.

At around the 1 minute mark of the video, the moose is absolutely hauling ass through the snow without a problem at all. It is mesmerizing to watch the moose top out its speed as it quickly high steps through the “winter wonderland.”

It seems that the interaction between the wild animal and the group of skiers ended up falling into the classic saying of “they are more afraid of you than we are afraid of them.”

The approaching moose looked to be after the group just before it bailed, kept its distance, and ran away down the snowy slope.

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