Red Wings Fans Go Insane For Little Dude On The Jumbotron, Boo Everybody Else

Hockey fan

This is why hockey fans are elite.

After watching this video, the Detroit Red Wings might have one of the most electric fan bases (and that takes a lot for me to say as a Nashville Predators fan).

Meet George, an adorable young boy who attended his first Red Wings game and was instantly deemed as the fan favorite of the game.

If you have ever attended a hockey game, you know that 1) the atmosphere of hockey games is electric and 2) the fan cam portions of the game are some of the best entertainment. From fans dancing, kids begging to be on camera, beers being chugged, and, depending on what arena you are in, items being thrown on the ice… hockey fans are unmatched.

George was the star of the show during the fan cam portion of the game versus the Vancouver Canucks, so much so that the arena didn’t want to see anyone but George.

He is first shown on camera looking a little shy, but all you can hear is the roar from the crowd in their seats as the young boy slowly smiles a little. Soon the camera pans to someone else, and without missing a beat, everyone boos him.

The cameraman, clearly understanding the assignment, pans back to George, and somehow, the already roaring arena gets even louder. This goes on for quite a few back and forths of showing other fans, who are consistently booed, and then moving back to George, each time the fans getting louder and louder cheering for him.

The best part is that George, who appeared camera shy, gets more and more visibly happy with each time the camera pans to him. He was made for the big screen as the cheers from the audience fueled him.

I think that this is a core memory for George.

@repostkyle Kid named George went to his first hockey game and fans went crazy. #hockey #nhl #tiktok #fyp #viral ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

Check out some of the comments on this post; they are too good.

“Like that SpongeBob talent show episode.”

“The way he progressively got happier.”

“That day… a hero was born.”

“They just made that kid’s day for life!”

“That’s 100% core memory.”

“That side-eye look to the camera always gets me!”

“He should have tickets for life.”

“Nobody’s gonna believe him at school.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock