Hunter Dragged To The Ground When Deer Tries To Take Off While Posing For Trophy Picture

deer hunter

This buck was trying to make a final break for it.

As a hunter, when you see a buck go down, you think it’s down for the count and are getting ready to take home a nice little prize. But sometimes, that isn’t the case, and Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

We’ve seen instances where bucks get up and charge at hunters as they are being approached in the field after being shot, but in this instance, the buck was getting ready to be posed for a trophy picture before it decided to make a break for it.

It was a true “playing possum” moment.

As the hunter grabbed the buck he had just taken by its antlers so he could prop up his head and get behind it for a picture (you all know the pose… it’s like the hunter’s equivalent of the fish pictures), the unthinkable happens. First off this deer looks dead dead: While you can’t see the bullet hole on the animal in the video it looks pretty limp as the kid grabs its head.

The deer surges forward, trying to make one last attempt for freedom, or it’s the tiny bit of life that was left in him making its escape. Regardless, it’s a massive surge forward, completely catching the hunter off guard.

As the deer gets up, the hunter does not let his grip go on his prize buck and gets flogged with the deer before it hits the ground again.

The deer once again looks lifeless when it hits the ground for the second time, but I can bet you they were checking twice to make sure it was dead before posing for a trophy picture again.

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