Hunter Gets Unexpected Surprise When A Buck He Thought Was Dead Gets Up & Rams Him


Big buck, NOT down.

I’m sure this is any hunter’s worst nightmare…in more ways than one. But at least this guy got a hell of a story out of it.

With deer season in full swing, people are hitting the stands, hoping to bag a big buck. That’s precisely what this man thought he had done while hunting one snowy day.

“I can’t see a damn thing, but I looked out there and I saw some f**kin’ horns. I think he’s probably a dink, but buck f**king down, boys.” 

As he nears the buck, which is slumped over in the grass, the hunter realizes that the buck is much bigger than he thought it was. But as he’s approaching with excitement and seeing the rack on the buck, the unexpected happened.

As he leans down, the deer he thought was dead perks up, showing he was very much NOT dead. And then the deer gives him a giant f**k you for trying to kill him.

The buck gets back on his feet in seconds, turns around, tilts his head downward, and rams into the man. You hear a shrill scream as the buck butts him, and the camera goes shaky with the video cutting out at that moment.

“He was, in fact, not down, and he was damm close to getting me. Lifted me off my feet, threw me back down, then ran over top of me.”

It’s honestly wild to watch.

@sterlingtquinn2.0 He was in fact not down😅 and he was damm close to getting me😂 lifted me off my feet, threw me back down, then ran over top of me😂 #deerhunting #muledeer #elkhunting #shedhunting #huntingseason ♬ original sound – SterlingtQuinn2.0

TikTok users were beyond invested after the first video, begging for a follow-up on how he was or if he got the buck. He got the deer eventually after a long chase, giving this wild story a happy ending.

This story would not be believed if it hadn’t been caught on camera. Also impressive he got back up to hunt down where the deer went. I’d be down for the count after getting rammed; I would cut my losses and head home.

@sterlingtquinn2.0 Replying to @HS After scrambling to find the pew I had lost in the tussle I was able to finish things🫡 #deerhunting #muledeer #huntingseason #elkhunting #rifleseason ♬ original sound – SterlingtQuinn2.0



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