“F**k You And Your Hunting!” – Ohio Woman Uses Pistol To Fire Warning Shots At Neighbor Hunting On His Own Property

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Good neighbors are a Godsend, and bad neighbors…apparently sometimes they shoot at you with a pistol.

If you’ve ever moved into a new neighborhood, you’re probably familiar with the anxiety of finding out who your neighbors are. Most of the time it’s no issue, but sometimes, you unknowingly move in right next door to the Devil.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this Ohio man might have wound up sharing a property line with one of the worst human beings on the planet.

Richard Page, an Ohio resident, farmer, and avid hunter, recently had a run in with his crazy neighbor Louanne, and to be honest, crazy might be an understatement.

While he was deer hunting on his own property (which is legal in Ohio), his neighbor came out with her own orange vest on and started screaming and firing a pistol to scare the deer away from the deer hunter. Richard was in a safety vest as well, so he was able to be easily spotted by his anti-deer-hunting neighbor.

Page took out his phone to record his neighbor as she stood out in the open, screamed at him, and shot warning shots into the air with her pistol. The Ohio man wanted evidence for when he filed a report to the police, and he’s got quite the case considering some of the things she yelled in between firing her gun:

“I will be a hunter’s nightmare. I have nothing else to do with my time, so good luck with that.

F**k you and your hunting. Get the f**k out of here. I can sit here all night.”

It wasn’t long after the warning shots that Page’s neighbor Louanne started firing shots in and around his area. The Ohio man ditched his orange jacket and ran through the woods in the opposite direction, getting lost and discombobulated as he fled from his crazy neighbor.

He eventually made it back to his home after wandering around for two hours in the dark. When he was interviewed by the local news station, he had this to say about his gunslinging neighbor Louanne:

“She’s got obviously strong feelings about it. But that doesn’t give her the right to come out and harass people that are out enjoying themselves. She knows who we are and she’s still shooting at us.”

Since the story has been released, and Page presented the evidence to the authorities, an official investigation has been launched by the Portage County Sheriff’s Office in tandem with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Ironically enough, it was discovered that Louanne wasn’t even standing on her own property when she fired shots at her neighbor.

You can view the news story, which also includes the scary clips that Page captured as he was being hunted by his neighbor, below:

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