Coastal Carolina Deletes Picture Of Football Coach Posing Shirtless With CCU Cheerleaders

Coastal Carolina
Coastal Carolina University

Is Coastal Carolina’s head football coach Tim Beck the new version of Ed Orgeron?

No pictures have circulated of Beck in bed with some MUCH younger women like back when Coach O was head coach of the LSU Tigers, but this picture that briefly circulated on the internet is a start…

The Coastal Carolina social media team posted a picture of Beck shirtless and in a bathing suit, and surrounded by the Coastal Carolina dance team, as well as the mascot.

The team is currently down in Hawaii for the EasyPost Hawaii Bowl, as they’re scheduled to take on San Jose State.

Needless to say, it’s a wild look for the 57-year-old head ball coach, and the post was taken down only three hours after it was initially posted.

Now I’m sure there was no ill intent from Beck here, and was just a recruiting tactic by showing off some of the cool things you get to do while playing football at Coastal Carolina. However, I think the social media should’ve put some serious thought into this before posting it.

Beck told The Sun News:

“It was a very spontaneous event. There was no intent to try to generate any particular kind of response one way or the other of how that was. So, I mean, that’s kind of my statement really on it.”

CCU Director of Communication Jerry Rashid added:

“Coach Beck has stated that the photo was taken spontaneously while members of the University’s travel group were on the beach together. There was no intent to generate a particular response.

The photo was taken as part of the football team’s documentation of its trip to Honolulu to participate in the Hawaii Bowl. The Chanticleers look forward to playing in the bowl game on Saturday.”

As someone who has grown up in South Carolina his whole life, I can honestly say this is the most Myrtle Beach thing I’ve ever seen (Coastal Carolina is located in Conway, right next to Myrtle Beach).

This is just par for the course for ol’ Dirty Myrtle.

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