Big Sports Guy: Minor League Pitcher Gets Carjacked At Gun Point… Asks Cops For Ride To Practice

Dylan Cumming

Life as a minor league baseball player is hard enough as it is, so when you add getting robbed at gunpoint on top of that, things simply couldn’t be much worse.

Chasing the dream of the big leagues isn’t for everyone, though some people tough out the subpar minor leagues in hopes of one day making it to the show. One of those people is San Francisco Giants minor league pitcher Dylan Cumming, who one could call a “huge sports guy” after what he went through in recent weeks.

As the story goes, Cumming decided to hit up McDonald’s for breakfast, and though that already seems like a bad idea for someone trying to become a professional athlete, it got much, much, much worse than just consuming empty calories (though I’d argue a Sausage McGriddle often makes me feel whole).

While the minor leaguer was at the McDonald’s, he was robbed at gun point, and the person made off with Cumming’s phone, wallet, and car. One could argue that those three things are the necessities of life, and they were all gone in an instant because Cumming wanted a mediocre, fast-food breakfast.

The minor league pitcher filed a police report, and officers arrived at the scene shortly after. Once Cumming gave all of the information he could to the police, the authorities asked if they could give him a ride anywhere, and he told them he would love a ride to his bullpen practice session.

Now THAT is a man that’s married to the game.

Dylan Cumming backed up that iconic “no excuses” story with a quote tweet (or post, whatever the hell its called now) confirming that those unfathomable events did happen. He sent out this legendary message in response:

“Can confirm. Cars are temporary, gains last a lifetime.”

And Cumming is right that cars are temporary, because his stolen vehicle ended up being found… just not in the shape that he would have preferred it.

Whoever stole the car ended up getting into a police chase, and this is what was left of it afterwards:

Hopefully the Giants can pitch (baseball pun intended) some money together to help their minor league player out…

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