Sydney Sweeney Is Glad Her Mother Convinced Her Not To Get A Breast Reduction In High School: “They’re My Best Friends”

Sydney Sweeney
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If you don’t know who Sydney Sweeney is, I introduce you to your next Megan Fox.

The 26-year-old bombshell is best known for her character as Cassie from Euphoria but also appears on White Lotus and the upcoming rom com Anyone But You. While we girls notice her for her acting abilities, most men recognize her for her well-endowed chest.

Yep, simply put… Sweeney has huge boobs.

Okay, you now see why she is every man’s crush, right?

While she embraces her assets now, it was not always this way, and she is going mega-viral right now for opening up about how she thought about once having a breast reduction. The actress grew up in Idaho and spoke about how it took her a long time to get comfortable in her body with Glamour UK.

“When I was in high school, I used to feel uncomfortable about how big my boobs were, and I used to say that when I turned 18, I was going to get a boob job to make them smaller.”

Although she was dead set on a smaller cup size, her mother encouraged her to reconsider going under the knife.

“And my mom told me, ‘Don’t do it. You’ll regret it in college.’ And I’m so glad I didn’t.”

I guess Mother always knows best…

Now, Sweeney is more than confident in her body, and it shows on red carpets, on camera, and off camera through her social media. She is an IT girl, and she knows it.

“I like them. They’re my best friends. Everybody’s body is beautiful. When you are confident and you’re happy within, it really shows to other people.

I went through that process of covering my body up at such a young age, but once I became more confident with myself, (it changed). I want to show girls that it’s amazing and beautiful and empowering to have the bodies that we have.”

Sweeney today embodied the motto of:

“Flaunt what you got. Own it. Love them.”

She flaunts what she has for sure. Sweeney is a stunning woman and a great actress, making her a double threat. Even if she had chosen to undergo the procedure, I am sure she would still be turning heads.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most men are thanking your mom for her advice right about now. Sorry, boys…she is taken.

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