Lainey Wilson Surprises Young Fan Who Was Brought To Tears After Receiving Concert Tickets For Christmas

Lainey Wilson

That Christmas present just got even better.

I’m a big fan of giving experiences as gifts versus physical presents. I don’t need another pair of shoes or Airpods or whatever, but I ALWAYS need concert tickets.

And one young Lainey Wilson is going to have a hell of an experience after the video of her opening her Christmas present got the attention of the Queen of Bell Bottom Country herself.

In the video posted by the young girl’s mother, Chelsea, her daughter Sophia is opening her Christmas gift and is surprised to find…a box. And inside that box is…another wrapped box. And another wrapped box. And another.

Mom’s going to make her work for this one.

But finally Sophia gets to the final box, and immediately bursts into tears of joy when she realizes it’s tickets to see her favorite singer, Lainey Wilson.

@chelsearaegwin worth the wait 🥲 praying @Lainey Wilson gets to see this and experience the happiness from this special gift! #lainey #laineywilson #bellbottomcountry #country #concert #huntsville #alabama #orionampitheater #fyp #gift #surprise #tickets #daughter #happytears ♬ original sound – Chelsea Rae Gwin

That’s not where the story ends though. The video made its way to Lainey herself, who reposted the video to her own TikTok with another surprise for young Sophia:

“I’ve watched it a million times. You’re about to make me cry…

Girl, come on. I’m going to be seeing you in Huntsville, and we’re gonna make it a night. You’re gonna come backstage. I love you, and I can’t wait to meet you girl. We’re gonna make a thing of it. Wear your bell bottoms, wear your hat, I’ll see you there.”

@laineywilson #duet with @Chelsea Rae Gwin I’m the one that wants to meet you sister! You are evwrything that is good in life. 💙 #laineywilson #merrychristmas ♬ original sound – Chelsea Rae Gwin

Safe to say that’s once Christmas present Sophia will never forget.

Which just prove my point: Experiences always make the best gifts – especially when they come with a surprise from somebody as incredible as Lainey.

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