“Billy Strings F*cking Rules” – Joe Rogan & Company Jam Out On Latest Episode of ‘Protect Our Parks’

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Okay…he might be onto something.

Joe Rogan has been getting heavily into music lately on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Outside of physically having musicians and artists in the studio with him, it seems most episodes have some chatter about artists we love here at Whiskey Riff.

From Sturgill Simpson to Colter Wall, Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, Johnny Cash, Whiskey Myers and more, Joe has proven to have GREAT taste in country music.

Rogan had comedians Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir the other week for a hilarious two-part edition of “Protect Our Parks,” which much like Joe’s Fight Companions is a unique series of sorts. And when you put that many comedians in a room… it’s bound to be funny.

The best part of the podcast (in my opinion) happens during the last few minutes of part two.

The group closes the episode by discussing how if the four of them can get along, then all of the world should be able to get along. This conversation, of course, happened after quite a few brews had been consumed.

As Joe Rogan notes, they need to wrap up the podcast. Ari Shaffir is ready to end the episode with a bang by shotgunning a beer out of a Christmas angel decoration. As he finishes pouring the beer into the bottom of the decoration, he tells the camera he has one more thing to say.

“I’m here for America… I think that Danny Brown and Billy Strings should do a duet together.” 

The statement comes shortly after the group was talking about rapper Danny Brown, but the Billy Strings aspect of the comment caught them off guard completely.

“Hold on, hold on…who?” 

Rogan asks, and Shaffir is THERE, ready to defend his statement… honestly, I think he might be onto something.

“Billy Strings and Danny Brown. I think if they did a duet together, it would be the number-one hit in America. Because Billy Strings rules. And Danny Brown rules. And I think they are opposite f*cking genres, and if they got together, no one would be against it.

Billy Strings, Danny Brown…BILLY STRINGS F*CKING RULES, DUDE.” 

With that, Shaffir gives his angel cup a bottoms up, and they turn on “Away From The Mire” as he chugs his beer.

“They rule! Get it together, boys.” 

To which Joe responded:

“Damn, that guy is good.”

Billy Strings already has a song with RMR titled “Wargasm,” and it ties up the two opposite genres with a nice little bow, creating a killer track. The same thing could happen if Strings hit the studio with Brown.

He’s collaborated with a rapper once; who’s to say it couldn’t happen again?

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock