Minnesota Timberwolves Assistant Coach Micah Nori Is The “Real Life Ted Lasso”

Timberwolves coach

Everyone needs a little zany encouragement in their life every now and again, which was proved to be true by the success of Apple’s Ted Lasso series.

Jason Sudeikis played the overtly positive, in-over-his-head soccer coach for three seasons, and “left” his role in the show when the world could have still used some more of the patented Ted Lasso posititivity. Though the fictional character’s run might be over (possibly), it seems as though the internet has found the real life version of the beloved character.

Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Micah Nori has caught the internet by storm with some of his playful quips during in-game interviews about how his team has been playing. The Timberwolves are having one hell of a season, and are currently atop the western conference with a record of 20 wins and 5 losses.

Could their success be similar to that of the Lasso led AFC Richmond team, where a little positivity and wit goes a long way? We can’t rule that out with some of the quotes from Micah Nori, which I’ve included in the following list below. Let me assure you that all of these lines are real, as proven by the video linked right underneath the plethora of hilarious quips:

-“We’re getting nothing on fast break points. Boom goes the dynamite, (boom) there goes our lead.”

-“We gotta treat (Desmond) Bane like you do the elf on a shelf on Christmas morning. You’ve gotta find him.”

-“He makes everybody comfortable. He’s like popcorn during Saturday night movies.”

-“Our paint defense was like 7/11. Open 24 hours (a day).”

-“Before we could realize, it was on like Donkey Kong the way they started out.”

-“It was the first time all year that we were kind of on a ‘Hot Mess Express.'”

As you might imagine, assistant coach Micah Nori is pretty popular amongst NBA fans. Anytime you’ve got a quick-witted, easy going guy in a profession that is often considered to be full of stressors, they’re going to get some extra time in the limelight.

Social media was certainly loving all of the Ted Lasso-esque quotes, sending out replies to the highlight reel of Nori saying:

I could not agree more with that last post. Get this guy a head coaching position as soon as possible. The world needs to hear more of his entertaining analogies.

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