Blake Shelton Is Trying To Quit Drinking In 2024: “That’s My New Year’s Resolution”

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As we approach 2024, tons of people are putting together their New Year’s resolutions in an effort to make next year better than the one before. And in my opinion, New Year’s resolutions are for suckers. Weak people who are busy lying to themselves. I know because I am one of them…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for turning over a new leaf and doing anything to better yourself, but you’re gonna wait until January to lose weight? You’re gonna wait until January to eat better? You’re gonna wait until January to… insert whatever… why not start now? What are you waiting for?

There’s a reason every gym in America is packed for the first two weeks of January and then back to normal by Groundhog Day… and it’s because New Year’s resolutions are largely a joke. Scientifically proven to fail right from the start. Don’t get mad at me, go ahead and prove me wrong.

With that being said, Blake Shelton is currently constructing his own New Year’s resolution of sorts, and one of his goals is rather shocking… cut back on alcohol, and/or stop drinking all together.

Yup, you heard that correctly… Blake Shelton wants to potentially quit drinking.

Shelton shared the news in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying:

“I haven’t managed to stop drinking yet. Even cutting back has been hard. I mean, it’s a resolution though. And I’ll say it again right now – that’s my New Year’s resolution. To either cut back or stop drinking altogether. Let’s just say I said it.”

Of course, New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to get absolutely shmacked with your best friends and loved ones while ringing in the New Year. However, Shelton is planning on a laid back New Year’s Eve celebration. In fact, he’s not even sure if they’ll be awake by midnight.

Yep, it appears that ol’ Blake is trying to slow down a little as he gets older. But still, it’s hard to imagine ol’ Blake, who is one of country music’s most prolific drinkers, getting off the sauce. I mean, being half in the bag was basically his whole persona for a while there. I’m guessing this means he won’t be making too many trips to his bar in Nashville next year…

Oh wait, he hosts a television drinking game show called Barmageddon from it… guess not.

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