“Never Seen Anything Like This” – Skier Captures Incredible Footage Of Bear Family While Riding Up The Lift

Bears on ski slopes

While on a skiing trip, you never know what you might see.

Of course, the majority of tourists go to these ski resorts seeking the thrill of flying down the slopes, while also taking in the gorgeous scenery around them. However, you might get lucky and experience some breathtaking wildlife too, just like these lucky skiers.

This cool moment was captured at the Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border. In the video, you can see a skier on a ski lift going up the side of the mountain, and directly below is a family of black bears trudging across the deep snow.

It appears to be a mama bear alongside her two cubs.

Nolan Brown was the one who captured the moment, and shared on Instagram:

“Been skiing Heavenly Mountain my whole life, never seen anything like this. From the family bears and the fog covered lake to the sun peaking over the mountain on first chair, it solidifies this place as most beautiful.”

Needless to say, this is one helluva way to start a day full of skiing, drinking, and just having a good time with friends. It looks like I need to put a trip to Heavenly Mountain on the ol’ bucket list.

Check it out:

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