Tennessee Titans Wear Throwback Oilers Jerseys Against The Houston Texans – And Houston Folks Aren’t Happy

Tennessee Titans Houston Oilers
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Paying tribute to their team’s history – and opening up some old wounds.

Obviously the team now known as the Tennessee Titans were originally the Houston Oilers. The team was located in Houston from 1960-1996, until team owner Bud Adams moved the Oilers to Tennessee and renamed them the Titans.

Houston wasn’t without a team for very long, with the expansion team Texans joining the NFL in 2002. But some Houston fans still haven’t forgiven the original Oilers for leaving in the first place…

So in what may be the ultimate troll move, the Titans decided to wear their Houston Oilers throwback jerseys for today’s game against the Texans.

Even Titans coach Mike Vrabel got into the throwback spirit.

And it seems like some Houston fans took it personally…

Obviously Houston folks still believe the Oiler history belongs to them and not to Nashville. And it didn’t help that Oilers legend Earl Campbell is in Nashville cheering on…the Titans.

Of course the Titans (Oilers version) are currently up 13-3 over the Texans at halftime, so many Titans fans are calling for the Titans to return to the Oilers look permanently after the team has struggled for much of the season.

Things like this are exactly why I love football so much. The trolling, the pettiness between fanbases…inject it into my veins.

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