Deer Walks Around With Arrow Straight Through Its Head

deer with arrow through head
Bowmar Bowhunting

This is what we like to call a zombie deer.

Throughout my three years working here at Whiskey Riff, I’ve come across some wild videos of deer with arrows stuck into their heads, yet they’re walking around as if they’re completely fine.

Of course, in the majority of these videos the arrow is lodged closer to the neck region, and not straight to the brain or temple, as the arrow probably missed any major organ or artery.

But for this deer right here? I have no words.

In this wild video, you can see a doe roaming directly in front of a trail camera, gnawing on a tree branch. However, the only issue here is that there is a whole arrow lodged in her head directly above her eye.

You would think that this would be an automatic kill shot, and it’s a miracle this creature is walking around as if it is unharmed.

The video was initially uploaded on the Bowmar Bowhunting Instagram page, which is a family who posts a ton of bowhunting content on social media.

They wrote in the caption:

“We’re assuming a neighbor made this shot; let’s hope it was an accident and not intentional. I understand mistakes happen in the woods, but this is not okay if this was done on purpose.”

Check it out:

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