Ward Davis, Cody Jinks & Paul Cauthen Gather Around A Piano For Incredible Cover Of The Eagles’ “Take It To The Limit”

Cody Jinks and Ward Davis
Cody Jinks

Three guys walk into a bar…

In this case, it’s more like three guys walking up to a piano, but if you have any three guys walking up to a piano, you want it to be these three.  Paul Cauthen, Ward Davis, and Cody Jinks gathered around a piano to cover The Eagles, and it’s what dreams are made of.

Three of the best outlaw boys in the business got together for a little piano ballad jam session, and the finished product is legendary. “Take It to the Limit” is one of the most underrated songs in The Eagles’ catalog. From their fourth studio album, One Of Those Nights, the slow track highlights multipart harmonies from the band.

Davis, Jinks, and Cauthen change the percussion-heavy track into a piano ballad while they, too, show off their best multipart harmonies.

Ward Davis plays the piano and kicks off the track, singing the first few lines before Jinks and Cauthen jump in to support him before the chorus. Cauthen takes the high notes and kills them, while Davis and Jinks keep the base notes.

Jinks sings the second verse, and his silky smooth twangs give you chills as the words leave his mouth.

“You can spend all your time making moneyYou can spend all your love making timeIf it all fell to pieces tomorrowWould you still be mine?”

During the bridge, Cauthen lets out some falsetto notes, highlighting his range, which is incredible.

I honestly sat on this video for a few days before opening my laptop to write about it, trying to muster the words to describe how beautiful this cover is, but I think that anything I say doesn’t give it full justice.

This is a must-watch so you can experience how moving these three are together.

Fans took the comments of the video saying that an album (or single) from Davis, Jinks, and Cauthen would crush, and I am beyond here for it. I’d take an album personally, but a single would suffice, too.

“These three need to make an entire album of their favorite songs.”

“Damn! Hands down by far the best version I’ve ever heard gave me chills! We would love to hear more of you three!”

“I’d pay to go see these 3 any day over anything out there right now, 3 real men, singing a song from a band, after 50 years still inspiring musicians!”

“Outstanding rendition boys.”

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