Tee Higgins’ Mom Is ROASTING Haters Online After Her Son Caught 2 TDs In Bengals’ Thrilling Win

Tee Higgins
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Go off indeed, queen.

Queen bee of the Queen City, Lady Stewart, is Tee Higgins’ mother. Her real name appears to actually be Camilla, but whatever the case, she’s the No. 1 fan of her son. Higgins is a phenomenal wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who’s taken a lot of heat for not living up to expectations amid an injury-plagued contract year.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Tee has been banged up and therefore can’t really be faulted for a dip in performance. Plus, the offense was anemic as Joe Burrow fought through a calf injury, and then needed to reevaluate everything once Jake Browning filled in for Joe Brrr due to another injury.

Rough year for Who Dey Nation, and yet the Bengals somehow press on and are 8-6! Very much alive in the AFC playoff chase!

Lots of people were talking smack when Higgins just barely couldn’t come down with a deep ball right before halftime that would’ve set up a field goal opportunity. Cincinnati sputtered offensively until the fourth quarter, when Browning drove the Bengals to 21 points, forced overtime, and put them in position for a winning Evan McPherson kick.

And oh yeah, Tee’s mama was there to collect receipts on receipts on receipts and Moss the trolls in her replies just like her son Mossed the f*ck out of the Vikings for the tying TD near the end of the fourth quarter.

Check out these glorious TD grabs by Higgins, and tell me his mom is wrong for coming after fools like she did.

Warning: Contains NSFW language. Hide your prudish eyes if you must.

THIS WOMAN. SHE IS MY HERO. I agree with her notion that it doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or not, mindlessly trolling somebody on the Internet has no place in society. The sooner in life folks can learn that, the better off they’ll be.

Lady Stewart is just out here trying to drop knowledge and teach the kids of today life lessons. She already raised an exceptional young man and football player. Now she has to deal with idiots calling her out for drug addiction, which she overcame. Old news. Find a new slant, you morons.

How cool is it to have mom out here sticking up for you? Tee Higgins doesn’t have time to answer trolls. Pro athletes take all kinds of sh*t and I’ve never known Tee to clap back at somebody or pull a Jamal Adams “when others go low, I go lower” classless special. No need for it when Lady Stewart is out here on the Twitter battlefield laying it all on the line.

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