Wild Horses Run For The Hills To Escape Charging Grizzly Bear

Horses run from grizzly bears in Canada
Help Alberta Wildies Society

Talk about an unexpected scene playing out right before our eyes…

A while back, a network of trail cams set up in Alberta, Canada by Help Alberta Wildies Society captured one of the craziest nature videos I’ve ever seen. The cameras were set up to monitor the remaining wild horses in Alberta, which is facing a serious population decline from both natural causes and large predators.

This video shows one of those large predators in action.

At first, you just see a band of horses running down a path, which of course is cool enough on its own. But then, trailing just behind the horses, is one of nature’s best killing machines: the grizzly bear. This grizzly bear isn’t just slowly walking behind the herd… it’s sprinting after them, seemingly hell-bent on catching one for dinner.

Grizzlies can hit a top speed of 35 miles per hour, which is honestly almost unbelievable considering they weigh in at around 900 pounds…

Horses can get up to 55 miles per hour for a much longer period of time, so I would assume these wild equine were able to get away this time, but it’s clear that they are serious targets for bears and if one if able to get the jump on a horse, well, let’s just say it explains why the horses are having a tough time these days.

Never even thought about horses being preyed upon, but here we are.

Band Of Wild Horses Chased Down By Grizzly Bear

If you had to guess what animal would win in a race between a grizzly bear and a horse, you’d probably go with the horse right? Two separate trail cams that are set up along the Canadian Rocky Mountains caught this scary high speed chase on camera earlier this month. The clip starts by setting the scene with footage from the day before the chase, with the wild horse band being comprised of about nine adults along with a couple of young foals mixed in.

The next part of the video then cuts to the following day, where the same group of horses go running through a creek just after dawn being closely and scarily followed by a large grizzly bear only seconds later.

After the first grizzly bear goes through, another one (presumably a partner) follows the scent of the chase and runs along after the group from a distance. Another camera that is set up again catches a glimpse of the horse band running along together as a group again, this time showing the foals amongst the horses a little more clearly.

Shockingly, it seems that the first bear has kept a pretty good pace with the horses and is only seconds behind them at this point.

The video explains that they don’t have another camera to confirm whether or not some of the wild horses did not make it, but they were particularly worried about the foals, which is likely what the bear was going after.

The Facebook post was captioned with:

“Showing the Wild Horse band that was chased by the Grizzly Bear. Grizzly can sustain a run at 25-28 mph for up to 2 miles. We won’t know until our next camera run if all of this band made it.”

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