Giannis Scored A Bucks Franchise-Record 64 Points, But Controversy Ensued When The Pacers Refused To Give Him The Game Ball

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You can totally understand why Giannis Antetokounmpo would be irked that he couldn’t get the game ball on his own court after the Milwaukee Bucks rolled to a 140-126 win over the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night.

Giannis had just torched Indy for 64 points, yet the Pacers were playing the part of Patrick Mahomes-style sore loser, only way worse in my opinion.

It was explained later that the Pacers were hanging onto the ball because rookie Oscar Tshiebwe had scored his first NBA point, and typically that’s the way it works. You get a game ball without exception. However, this was a historic night for Giannis and the Bucks franchise, so you can see where the beef would come in.

Since Tshiebwe had literally only one point from the free throw line, though, I feel like on principle, you should have to make at least one field goal before you start getting game balls. Whatever. The hilarity that ensued with Giannis getting all pissed, Myles Turner being petty, and even the Pacers assistant who laughed as he carried the ball away was all worth it in the end.

And, get this: According to Pacers coach Rick Carlisle, a Bucks player elbowed Indiana’s general manager in the ribs.

Giannis was damn near about to kill somebody to get his hands on that ball. And the best part is, who knows if he even got the proper one? The Pacers could’ve easily swapped it out. Even wilder, Giannis doesn’t have the ball from his 50-point, NBA Finals-closing performance in Game 6.

Tensions were already high on this particular evening from when the Pacers basically tried to knock Giannis out of the game, leading to one of the better “HOLD ME BACK” moments ever from the Greek Freak’s brother, Thanasis:

Also gotta love Thanasis thinking he was getting applauded (or at least it seemed so) when he hit the court for garbage time:

I guess Giannis just has to rectify the whole situation himself by scoring 70 some other time. It’s ridiculous that he couldn’t get the ball for setting the franchise record for points at home. On the other hand, it’s so funny that a bunch of grown-a** men are fighting over a silly basketball. Just outlandish behavior from all parties involved.

I mean hey, the NBA is an entertainment business first and foremost. Giannis is one of the biggest superstars, and he delivered on and off the court in spades to add some spice to an otherwise sleepy, inconsequential regular-season game.

These Central Division adversaries have a two-game home-and-home series starting on New Year’s Day. Can’t wait to see all the bad blood that boils over in that one. It’s a shame it’ll be completely overshadowed, since that’s the same date as the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Anyway, here are all 64 points Giannis scored, including 24 from the foul line on 32 attempts (!) to complement a 20-for-28 shooting night. He bricked all three of his shots from 3-point range. Hey Giannis buddy, I think it’s OK to stop taking those. You aren’t good at them. Accept it.

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