Colorado Man Is Way Too Calm When A Rutting Bull Elk Charges While He’s Working On His Truck

Elk charges man fixing car
Servando Talamantes

Need a hand?

Estes Park seems to be the place to go if you want to encounter some elk. The northern Colorado town of about 6,000 people has been the setting for a number awesome videos of people and elk interacting, like this guy’s in-laws yelling at him to back up, a wild 100 car traffic jam, and this big bull trying to check into a lodge, and that’s just a few of the many that are out there.

Well, another is making its rounds on the internet and this one is a bit scarier than the other two.

Servando Talamantes was in his driveway doing a bit of work on his truck this September when he was approached by a large bull who was not very happy to see him. September is when the rut begins, meaning this bull was starting to feel the massive surge of testosterone and was looking for a fight.

The bull walks straight up to Talamantes, who made sure to stay behind his vehicle to avoid a face-full of antlers while someone nearby yells at him to get inside, warning that it could kill him.

To be honest, I don’t know of the guy didn’t go inside because he didn’t have a good escape angle or because he wanted to get a great video of the moment (I’m thinking the later), but thankfully no damage was done to him or his truck.

Before the elk walked off, it paused a moment to let loose an epic bugle, clearly happy with his work and hoping there were a few cows around who saw his bravery. Gotta keep your eyes peeled out in Colorado.

Even in a quiet suburban neighborhood, there’s always a chance an elk is just around the corner.

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