Family Hilariously Yells At Driver As Elk Charges Car In Estes Park, Colorado: “Back Up, Jack!”

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Colorado has to be in the top 5 most incredible outdoor states.

From the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the gushing Colorado River, to the vast amount of wildlife that roams freely, the state is truly just incredible.

But sometimes that wildlife gets too close for comfort and things get a bit tense, like we see in this video from Estes Park.

We don’t have much of a backstory, but a group of people were driving through the area, near a driving range, when they spotted an elk with a massive rack right off the side of the road. Naturally, the driver pulled over so everyone could get a better look, but the elk didn’t seem to like that much and began squaring up and getting ready to ram into it at full blast.

That’s when things went from cool to chaos.

Now, I don’t know for sure if they were in-laws in the back seat, certainly could have been his parents, but what transpired seems like a very in-laws thing.

Here’s a bit of the transcript…

“[Jack] – No! Don’t you hit this vehicle.

[Potential mother-in-law] – Back up Jack. Back up, Jack. Back UP, JACK!

[Jack] – Back up where?

[MIL] – Jack! Go, go, go! Back up the car what are you doing?

[Jack] – Just be quiet.

[MIL] – Well you don’t just sit here when the thing is charging us! You don’t just stand here!”

I also can’t tell for certain if it was Jack or the potential father-in-law in the backseat responding to the worried woman, but hey, for the story let’s pretend they got into it a bit, shall we?

Regardless, it’s both a great display of Colorado’s elk and the never ending dispute between families.

You gotta love it.

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