Mike Vrabel Is Gonna Show Videos Of Quarterbacks “Getting The Sh*t Knocked Out Of Them” To Get Will Levis To Slide

Mike Vrabel

Earlier this week on Monday Night Football, the Tennessee Titans put together an epic come from behind win against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football, 28-27.

Although it wasn’t perfect, rookie quarterback Will Levis flashed his incredible potential once again, making some massive plays down the stretch with both his arms and his legs to prove that the primetime slot isn’t too big for him.

However, while I watched the game, I couldn’t help but notice that Levis was running into defenders like a ’90s fullback, lowering his shoulder and taking some major shots while fighting for extra yardage.

In the second quarter, Levis scrambled out of the pocket and absolutely railroaded Jalen Ramsey. He was stopped short of the first down marker, which, for some reason, resulted in Bradley Chubb slamming his helmet on the field (like a bonehead), giving the Titans a first down.

A badass play from Levis, no doubt, but a stupid one. And needless to say, this didn’t go unnoticed by the head ball coach Mike Vrabel.

Vrabel praised Levis’s toughness during a Tuesday press conference, but also made it very clear that they have to work on him learning how to slide instead of taking hits that could potentially knock him out of the game.

Vrabel said:

“We’re still trying to work on that. We showed him examples of quarterbacks sliding and using the rules to his advantage.

I guess we’ll have to show him video of quarterbacks not sliding and getting the sh*t knocked out of them. We’re gonna try it the other way this week.”

Sometimes the best coaching method is to scare them straight, I reckon.

Levis has made seven starts so far this season, so I guess we’ll see if he finally perfects the quarterback slide in week 15 against the Houston Texans.

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