“Take Your Shirt Off” – Elle King Shamelessly Cat Calls Riley Green During Performance

Elle King, Riley Green country music

Elle King is just saying what we are all thinking…

If there is one thing Elle King will do, it’s be unapologetically herself, no matter the situation. And that is precisely what she did during a performance with Riley Green.

While the two were on stage for an acoustic, what appeared to be a songwriter-style round, Riley Green was accompanied on stage by Elle King playing mandolin. Of course, the heartthrob that Riley Green is will lead to hoops and hollers from the audience, or if the crowd is feeling ballsy, friends flashing the artist via FaceTime.

While the two artists were chatting about the songs they were singing or engaging with the fans, Elle King played the part of Riley Green fan girl so well that she deserved an Oscar.

While Green is introducing “I Wished Grandpas Never Died,” and as he is going through the list of all the things his Grandpa loved and how he inspired the song, Elle King is softly saying into the microphone:

“Take your shirt off… It’s okay, just take your shirt off.”

Green gives no attention to her persuasive words and keeps going through the song.

After performing that song and “There Was This Girl,” he thanks all of the fans in the audience for making that his first radio #1 single, and Elle King is right in there, ready to jump in with hilarious commentary.

“It’s okay if you were singing that song about me. I pretended that you were the whole time.”

She turns to the crowd and gives them a devilish look.

“There’s some nice looking men, up here. I’m just like this…well, dang.” 

She pulls her glasses down and pans across the stage. To the only other man that appears to be on stage… Riley Green.

@itsgabemercer #elleking just saying what we’re all thinking 😅😂 #rileygreen ♬ original sound – Gabe

In all fairness, I don’t blame Elle King one bit for trying to get Green to show some skin after his Gildan underwear campaign took his already handsome looks that fans love and elevated him to another level.

You have to love how direct Elle King is here. She is one of “America’s Sweethearts (s)” for this.

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