“An Icon In Every Sense Of The Word” – Miranda Lambert Praises Carrie Underwood’s Las Vegas Residency Show

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert country music

It’s hard to officially crown one the modern day “Queen of Country Music,” though Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert certainly have the resumes to back it up.

Both Lambert and Underwood are currently in Las Vegas for their own respective residencies. Carrie Underwood is at the Resorts World Theatre for her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency, while Lambert is rocking Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater with her Velvet Rodeo residency.

The two decorated country music artists have both had storied careers since they officially got started in 2005, and have consistently and persistently produced high-quality country music for the better part of the last two decades.

But with that being said, for two women who have been on similar paths throughout their music careers, they haven’t exactly crossed over all that much. Lambert and Underwood really only came together for a collaboration in 2014 when they released a duet titled “Somethin’ Bad.”

However, this past week, the two country music icons finally got back together to congratulate one another on their Las Vegas residencies.

Lambert and Underwood posed for a photo when Miranda went to see one of Carrie’s residency shows, and Lambert was very complimentary when she posted the image on her social media:

“Got to see Carrie Underwood in Vegas last night at her Reflection residency. This show is so well thought out and it is a perfect reflection of her and what a career she has built. The lights, fire, music, production, sparkle’s and most importantly that voice.

Carrie, you are an icon in every sense of the word. We’ve both been on this journey for 20 years and I’m proud of both of us for staying the course and dreaming big. Like you said, cheers to us and I’m proud to be in your corner. Thanks for having me last night.”

Underwood posted the same picture with Lambert onto her Instagram, leaving a very nice “thank you” caption underneath to her fellow country music star:

“We’ve both been at this thing for a while now…Seen a lot. Done a lot. Sang a lot. Through it all, it’s nice to know you’ve got great people in your corner!

Thanks for coming to the show last night, Miranda! Cheers to Vegas and cheers to us for all we’ve accomplished and to whatever comes next!”

Miranda also called Carrie’s visit to her show “one of her favorite nights ever.”

And whatever comes next, at least for now, is the news that both Carrie and Miranda’s Las Vegas residencies will continue into 2024.

If you ever wanted to see two of country music’s “queens” in action, and you also wanted to test your luck on the Las Vegas strip, now would be the perfect time to plan a trip…

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