Two Referees Get Into All Out Brawl Right In The Middle Of 4th Grade Basketball Game

basketball fight in Colorado

Youth sports are all about teaching sportsmanship and teamwork to the younger generation, and every once in a while, it also helps to teach children how not to act as adults.

Is there anything worse than the adults that get too into their children’s sporting events? No one will ever blame parents for rooting for their kids, but there is a line that is sometimes unfortunately crossed (probably when they are yelling at them and/or other children).

However, rowdy parents weren’t the problem at this 4th grade basketball game. Instead, it was the individuals tasked with normally keeping things in order during the game that caused all hell to break loose.

The game taking place between Cherry Creek and Legend (in the Denver-area) didn’t seem to be all that close, with the Cherry Creek team holding a double digit lead in the 4th period. If you’ve ever attended a grade school basketball game, you know you might as well end the game right then and there with a lead like that.

So, though there wasn’t much action within the actual game, those that were still there (which is everyone, parents don’t leave their kids’ games early) were entertained by a knock down, drag out brawl between two of the referees officiating the contest.

With innocent little kids looking on, one of the “zebras” pushed the other, and that officially got the impromptu boxing session started. No one was there to officiate the battle because…well, the referees were the ones fighting each other.

At first, it seems as though the bad blood is just between two of the officials, but after those two are separated from one another (after violently falling to the ground), the other two refs start “old-timey” squaring up with one another.

I thought people only circled one another with their fists moving in small circles in cartoons and movies from the 1940’s. Man, was I wrong though thinking that, because that exact thing happened during this 4th grade basketball game:

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