Two Curious Black Bears Come Racing Up A Tree With Two Deer Hunters In It

Black bear climbs tree with hunters in it
Wes Marchak

Bears are too smart and too curious for their own good. They are always snooping around, looking for food, and they are not always the most fearful of other animals either, completely willing to approach when curiosity gets the better of them.

Other than the protection of their cubs, it’s pretty much just mate and food, but mostly food. Where they’re going to get food, how much food, and what kind of food. I’ve seen them dig through garbage bins just to lick a singular crumb from a chip bag.

So, naturally, when you hunt, it can create some interesting situations with bears. If you bait for them, they tend to become pretty comfortable with the area. If you bait for deer, they sometimes take a big liking to your apples or other bait and then become accustomed to being fed.

These hunters got to experience the unpredictable wild side of black bears, all while sitting in a tree…

The hunting pair were out for a bear hunt when a mother and cub came out for a feed at their bait site. Something spooked them, sending them both straight for the tree the hunters were sitting in. The bear cub climbs to the tree top in record speed. The hunter filming is clearly rattled as he flips the camera around and gets a selfie shot of his hunting partner, himself and the young bear all sitting next to each other.

The pair remains silent trying not to startle the bear as he checks them out sniffing around and looking at them. Finally, he goes down the tree. Talk about nearly shitting yourself. Granted, these bears didn’t seem very old, not very threatening, but I for one would not want to wrestle a bear in a tree.

Check it out:

Black Bear Takes Dump On Hunter’s Head From Way Up In A Tree

Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Yes, yes it does… and for one Maine bear hunter, it was right on his head.

On the last day of bear season 2017, a group of hunters in Maine, with the use of dogs, chased a black bear up a tree where he was most likely shot and harvested for meat and fur.

I know it sounds brutal because people tend to associate bears with cute, fuzzy childhood toys and anthropomorphic characters like Yogi Bear, Winnie the Pooh and more, but it’s a necessary part of maintaining population control, the ecological stability of the area and more. Only a certain amount are allowed to be hunted every year, and there are many rules and regulations put in place to assure that bears are harvested as ethically as possible. Not to mention, bear meat is pretty damn good.

Am I a fan of hunting bear with dogs? No, not really… just personally, it’s not the way that I’d like to hunt, but it’s legal in about half of the states that allow for bear hunting and pretty common. However, before this black bear met its demise, he took one final sh*t… right on the hunter’s head.

“We had a “shitty” last day of the 2017 Maine bear season.”

According to the DIF&W, Maine’s bear population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 36,000, one of the highest in the entire country. Harvests in the past handful of years were 3,314 in 2018, 2,897 in 2017 and 2,859 in 2016.

By state law, hunters can only harvest two bears per year, one by hunting and one by trapping. Only about 25% of Maine bear hunter fill their tag.

And as far as I know… only one took a dump on a hunter’s head.

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