Black Bear Chills In Hot Tub In The Great Smoky Mountains

Black bear chilling in hot tub
Storyful Viral

Most of the time when I come across bear videos, they’re typically a display of the creature’s dominance in the wilderness, whether it’s a mama bear protecting her cubs from other predators, male bears fighting other males, and more.

However, every now and then I’ll come across a bear video that displays the wholesome side of the creature, proving that at times they’re just “guys being dudes.” Don’t get me wrong, you still couldn’t pay me enough money to get within a few yards of a bear, but videos like these will definitely change your perspective.

In this hilarious video making the viral rounds once again, you can see a black bear roaming around on the back deck of the cabin Mason Trebony and his wife was vacationing at in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains back in 2021.

Although we don’t see much of the events beforehand, you can hear Trebony say that the black bear knocked over the top of the jacuzzi. Next thing you know, you can see the creature climb up onto the hot tub, and make its way into the hot water, obviously curious to figure out what kind of contraption it is.

Before you know it, the black bear is chilling in the hot tub without a single care in the world, checking out the beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains from inside the  hot tub.

Check it out:

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