Cat & Bear Scare The Bejeezus Out Of Each Other On North Carolina Front Porch

Cat scares bear on porch
Rachelle McKinnon

We’ve all been there at some point. We’ve all walked around a house, a building, or down the street, and all of a sudden a cat randomly appears and scares the everlivin’ hell out of you. This was like clockwork for me at my grandma’s house. Sometimes her cat would jump down from the roof when I was a kid and I haven’t recovered since.

But it turns out, cats don’t only scare humans… they scare bears too.

In this hilarious video, Ring doorbell footage captures a bear walking directly up to someone’s front porch in Candler, North Carolina, probably in search of food. It appears to have maybe smelled the cat’s scent, and began to walk over to the corner where the cat was hiding. Then, as cats do, the cat sprinted out from its corner like a bat out of Hell, causing the bear to jump back in fear a little bit.

Although the bear was probably aware that there was something hiding in that corner, you can tell the creature was caught off guard once the cat darted out. Needless to say, both the bear and cat were both pretty spooked.

Once again, thank the Lord for Ring doorbells, because we wouldn’t have been able to see a hilarious moment like this one.

Check it out:

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