Elk Hilariously Gets Stuck On A Trampoline, Can’t Figure Out How To Get Off

elk outdoors


Elk are supposed to like the woods and open areas with lots of food around, not trampolines. And, I have a feeling that having four legs could make the bounces of a trampoline a bit more difficult.

An Evergreen, Colorado, man spots a group of elk surrounding a trampoline, when one of them decides to hop up on it. And… can’t get off.

The elk that must have been curious about the object is on there and confused by it. She tries to get off but is hesitant with the moving fabric beneath her.

Other elk watch concerningly as she struggles.

The elk dances around as if it is playing, but it’s starting to get worked up. She head butts the netting around the trampoline trying to get out, missing the large holes right next to her.

She looks out the whole a few times and is to afraid to take the step off with it moving so much.

Finally, she figures it out and just accepts the trampolines movement as the elk steps off.

Meanwhile, the folks behind the camera are losing their minds and one lady even suggests shooting it (umm what?), however, she explains the reasoning for the comment in the description below:

“We were just sitting down for our morning coffee when I watched this young elk poking his head into the entrance of the trampoline… when all of a sudden he decides to jump in for some fun. Getting out proves to be a bit harder than getting in.

The elk’s friend on the outside actually looks like he wants to get in and join the fun while the Mom looks on.”

For any viewers offended by my wife’s comment on the notion of shooting it… the only reason my wife suggested doing so was to keep it from suffering if it got too badly hurt due to the hole in the tramp.

We recently watched in horror as a fox was strangled to death in our neighbor’s soccer goal netting. My reaction to her comment gave her the reality check she needed as she was a bit over-reactive due to her sensitivity to its wellbeing and not wanting to see it suffer like the poor little fox.

Hope you enjoyed the video!”

This is hilarious, especially with the other elk’s concern. A person can only wonder what they were thinking.

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