‘Real Housewives’ Star Sutton Stracke Says Cody Jinks’ “Somewhere In The Middle” Is Her Favorite “Sexy Time” Song

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The crossover I never could’ve dreamed up.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in full swing with Season 13, and it’s easily one of my favorite franchises.

And if you’re a country music fan with no clue as to why you might’ve been hearing about the show more recently, it’s because longtime RHOBH star Kyle Richards has been linked to Morgan Wade in recent months, though they maintain publicly that they’re just “really good friends.”

Morgan has actually appeared on the show in one of the more recent episodes, as she and Kyle actually got matching tattoos with each other’s first letters of their names, which certainly didn’t help dispel any rumors.

Anywho, I was catching up on some of the episodes last night, and during episode 13, the ladies take a trip to Las Vegas for Crystal’s 40th birthday.

In addition to attending the Magic Mike show, they have some fun with an adult card game, where they all discuss things about their sex life and sexual preferences.

Dorit reads one of the cards to the group at dinner, which says:

“What is your favorite song to f*ck to?”

One of them responded:

“Al Green, anything Al Green.”


Another one chimes in with Boys II Men, which honestly, made the most sense out of everyone’s responses.

But Sutton Stracke, a Georgia girl who married into wealth and now resides in Los Angeles, is a big country music fan, and her song choice is also a bit interesting:

“I’ve got one! Cody Jinks, ‘Somewhere in the Middle.’ It’s a great song.”

Of course, most of the group doesn’t even know who he is, and Miss Erika Jayne replies:

“It’s a country artist.”

Not gonna lie, out of all the Cody Jinks songs she could’ve recommended, that one is certainly a choice because the subject matter is not really “sexy” at all, but hey, to each their own.

Don’t knock boots til you try it, or something like that, right?

Kyle also chimes in, saying:

“You guys, I have some better music for you!”

My guess is that she would recommend a Morgan Wade song like “Want,” which would probably make the most sense, but I digress…

Sutton is from Augusta, Georgia and is obviously a fan of great country music (regardless of when she chooses to listen to it), and last year, she took Kyle and some of her other friends to see Cody in concert, though I doubt her feelings on ‘Somewhere in the Middle” came up in conversation…

“Somewhere in the Middle” is a deep cut from Jinks’ 2010 Less Wise album, so it’s safe to say Sutton definitely knows her stuff when it comes to his discography, but still… it was a weird choice in my very humble opinion.

At the same time, millions of middle-aged women around the world might’ve discovered Cody Jinks for the first time, so I’ll consider it a win for country music overall.

“Somewhere in the Middle”

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