LIV Golf’s Jon Rahm Credits Luke Combs For Getting Him Into Country Music: “That Man’s Voice Is Absolutely Incredible”

Luke Combs Jon Rahm
The Pat McAfee Show

Did you notice how I introduced former PGA Tour golfer Jon Rahm as “LIV Golf’s own” in the headline?

Just in case you missed it, the talented Spaniard inked a deal to move from the PGA to the LIV Tour for somewhere around $600 million this past week. He’s getting paid a whole lot more money to play a whole lot less golf, and as he’s described it, he felt the move was “best for his family.”

If you are like me, you are somewhat confused, probably asking yourself “didn’t the PGA and LIV Golf sign some sort of peace treaty?” You are right for wondering about that, because they did, in fact, announce a merger back in June, though that hasn’t seemed to matter as of late (which is confusing).

The PGA Tour lost one of their bright, young stars in Jon Rahm when he decided to strike a deal with LIV, and the Spaniard has been on somewhat of a media tour ever since he announced his decision. One of those stops was with ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show, and as always with that show, the subject matter was covered in a more entertaining fashion than other outlets.

Obviously, Rahm’s move from the PGA to LIV was brought up on the show, but McAfee found a way to change the subject more than a couple of times, and at one point threw out a question about Rahm’s music taste. I’m sure Jon was happy to be asked a non-golf related question, and that showed when he excitedly gave his answer:

“I’m very diverse. I’m a man that grew up in Northern Spain to now having spent half of my life here in the United States. You can get anything from Michael Jackson to Kendrick Lamar to Bad Bunny, which would be my three favorite artists if I had to pick right now.”

McAfee and the rest of the show’s co-hosts and producers respected the answer, but they were more intrigued by what Rahm said next:

“There’s a variety, right? I’m slowly getting into country. Very slowly, and if I end up being a big country fan, I should owe it to Luke Combs because that man’s voice is absolutely incredible and some of his songs have really hit home. Luke, shoutout (to you), you’ve gotten me into country slowly.”

In classic McAfee fashion, instead of following up on that answer, they instead broke into an show-wide chorus of Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” It’s too bad Rahm didn’t jump in on it as well…

Rahm went on to say that he listens to Combs out on the course while he’s playing and practicing, and I’d imagine that Luke would feel honored to know that his music is slowly (but surely) making one of the world’s best golfers morph into a country music fan.

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