The Golf World Is Stunned As Jon Rahm Reportedly Jumps Ship To LIV Golf From The PGA Tour For Up To $600 MILLION

Jon Rahm
Kyle Porter CBS

There appear to be three distinct categories for exorbitant wealth in the world these days: Monopoly money, F*ck You money, and PIF money. The latter is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, and that seemingly bottomless pit of cash feels like the most ridiculous embarrassment of riches of them all. Because they can allegedly afford to fork over as much as $600 MILLION for a professional golfer like Jon Rahm.

It’s being reported by The Wall Street Journal that Rahm is bolting the PGA Tour in favor of LIV Golf, which only adds more murkiness to the ongoing PGA Tour-PIF alliance talks and how the future of the sport is going to look.

Rahm has been an outspoken opponent of LIV on principle, but this is the latest proof that everyone has a price. Well, except for Tiger Woods. He’s already built his own empire, accomplished all he’s needed to accomplish, and now we’ll be happy to see Tiger for a tournament per month.

For Rahm, it’s a little more complicated. The type of dough he stands to make is, like, enough to start his own little nation with. Isle of Rahm sounds kinda dope.

I know there’s a lot of problematic implications about taking PIF money. Given Saudi Arabia’s unsavory human rights record and status as the globe’s largest exporter of oil, many have criticized LIV players as taking “blood money” as the Saudis try to “sportswash” their misdeeds. At this point, however, it seems inevitable that the PGA Tour and PIF will reach an agreement by their December 31 deadline to forge a new future ahead for the game of golf.

Although the current plan is to keep the PGA Tour and LIV Golf separate, the prospective New Year’s Eve accord could combine the tours. We just don’t know. With all that uncertainty and a grand unification being the most likely outcome, I feel like Rahm is just making a sort of preemptive move that would manifest itself in a similar fashion in a matter of months or, at most, a couple of years.

When someone offers you $600 million to play golf, how do you turn away? You can see Rahm’s earnings on the PGA Tour to date. It’s sad and cynicism-inducing in some ways, yet this type of money always talks. Nevertheless, the big move by Rahm, the defending Masters champion and U.S. Open winner, is a shock to the entire system and a momentous move that could be the catalyst for even more PGA stars joining LIV.

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